Suggestion: registration of variant subtags for Aluku, Ndyuka, and Pamaka (Suriname/French Guiana English-based Creoles)

CE Whitehead cewcathar at
Fri Jan 23 18:16:12 CET 2009

Hi, the information at Wikipedia & Ethnologue suggests that M. Vaillant is correct; these seem to be three dialects.
But I am not familiar with these either.
Doug Ewell doug at Fri Jan 23 15:14:21 CET 2009 


> Pascal Vaillant <pascal dot vaillant at guyane dot univ dash ag dot fr> 

>> We would like to suggest the registration of three "variant" language 
>> subtags, for the ALUKU, NDYUKA and PAMAKA dialects, which are 
>> English-based Creoles mainly spoken in the Eastern part of Suriname 
>> and the Western part of French Guiana (South America).  They may all 
>> be considered variants of a same linguistic system, the "businenge 
>> tongo" (see below a more detailed explanation).

> In principle I don't have any problem with these, if they really are 
> dialects and not discrete languages.  If they could be considered 
> languages, it would be better to propose them to ISO 639-3 first. I know no more about these Creoles than either Doug and Stephane; however here is the information at ethnologue and wikipedia (it suggests they are indeed dialects): Another source seconds the above: Wikipedia and Ethnologue are sometimes at odds, the relative agreement here is a good sign.)An online grammar shows some French vocabulary but I did not (on a quick glance) find anything about dialects:,M1> The scholarship and attention to detail on these requests is excellent, 
> and I appreciate it.
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