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On 17 Sep 2008, at 23:26, Peter Constable wrote:

> Having a tag with a very generic mnemonic value, "academy", but  
> which is restricted to a very specific semantic will not be  
> particularly convenient for global users. It would really help if  
> the subtag somehow reflected more specifically the identity of the  
> institution in question. Somehow, it shouldn't be hard to come up  
> with a 5-8 alpha subtag more specifically indicative of "Institute  
> of Linguistics of Academy of Sciences of Belarus" than is "academy".  
> I still think something along the lines of "beacad" or "acadbe" or  
> "acadscbe" (or any of several other possibilities) would be better.

That refers to an institution, not to an orthographic specification.  
Our informant, when asked for a reference, gave us one from 1959 which  
(he said) covers the previous period and the subsequent period  
authoritatively. That is the kind of specification we had for French  
earlier. If the institution publishes a new reform in 2010 and it  
needs a subtag because it is different from the one we have now, then  
acad2010 can easily apply to it.

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