Principles of Operation

David Starner prosfilaes at
Sat Jan 26 18:55:45 CET 2008

On Jan 26, 2008 12:28 PM, Frank Ellermann <nobody at> wrote:
> It is a difference for folks creating "caesarea" pages and
> wishing to be found by ordinary "en-ALL" searches.

But, see, I don't want them to be found by ordinary en-ALL searches. I
want en-ALL searches to come up with something I can read. Admittedly,
en-boont, en-Shaw, etc. also violate that principle, but I see no
motivation for us to add to that problem. English Google searches
should come up with good English pages on the subject on top, not
pages that made linguistic choices that make them hard to read for
people who normally read en-{US, UK, AU, IN, CA}.

> Found
> by or not found by Google searches is the same as "to be
> or not to be" for most authors.[...] But it is still a matter of life
> and death for webmasters with "caesarea" content.

I don't buy it. Most authors on the Internet are writing for friends
or a small group of people, and either post it on an updating blog, or
forum, or mailing list or send a link to forums or mailing lists who
might be interested in it. If you're writing content for a narrow
group of people, like en-caesarea, I suspect you aren't hoping people
will wander across it; you're posting to groups where people who want
to read en-caesarea frequent.

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