Principles of Operation

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Sat Jan 26 18:28:09 CET 2008

David Starner wrote:
> That's because "ang" and "sxu" aren't common languages.
> It's not likely they're going to add -caesarea on there
> whether it's en or ang, so what difference does it make?

It is a difference for folks creating "caesarea" pages and
wishing to be found by ordinary "en-ALL" searches.  Found
by or not found by Google searches is the same as "to be
or not to be" for most authors.

Of course if "caesarea" fans wish to be found in "ang-ALL"
searches, instead of being ignored in billions of "en-ALL"
pages, it is different.  But it is still a matter of life
and death for webmasters with "caesarea" content.

Today "ang" is no hopeless case, it has its own Wikipedia,
it is listed in 639-2 and in the 4646 registry.  I guess
that "sxu" will never remotely reach the same status.

Forcing "erzgeb" fans to use a prefix "sxu" when they are
convinced that it's above all wrong and not "only" a death
sentence is a very serious difference.

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