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Fri Jan 25 17:37:45 CET 2008

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> > threatened to veto 639-3 if it were not removed forthwith.  In the
> > interests of getting 639-3 passed, the committee bowed to the will of
> > Sweden in this matter.
> Thankfully! (The only other reasonable alternative would be to give
> codes also for several tens of other dialects of Swedish alone,
> and many more for other languages. The scope of 639-6, I think.)

Not the only other reasonable alternative. Indeed, a *more* reasonable alternative would have been to approve 639-3 and then engage with the RA and JAC to revise the code table. To veto 639-3 because of issues in 0.04% of the code table that had no bearing on the text of the standard and could have been corrected at any time would have been folly.


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