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Mark has commented on the "think of themselves" issue, and I agree with his comments. You say it's a distinct dialect, yet you acknowledge that (at least, on the Web) it's quite rare to have distinct Alsatian content. Are you asking for a distinct tag for Alsatian just because, or because there is a real user need to distinguish Alsatian content from other content, including other gsw content?


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> > *why* Alsatian content needs to be tagged separately from gsw.
> Because it is a distinct dialect (see the references I gave), in the
> same way that valencian is a dialect of catalan and so deserved a
> Variant subtag.
> A second issue is that Alsatian speakers do not think of themselves as
> speaking "Alemannic" and that the idea of using gsw alone may be
> difficult to "sell" to these people.
> > Do you anticipate Web pages with distinct content for Alsatian than
> > other gsw?
> Yes, although I must say there are very rare now.

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