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Hi, I like Frank's suggestion, but also want Alsatian added to the description for gsw (not to the comments)!   --C. E. Whiteheadcewcathar at 
(NOTE:  I also have a problem with Ethnologue's giving precedence to the Swiss in their report for gsw  [] but really am not that expert on the Germanic languages; I completed a semester of German once, except for the final, then dropped.  But this is off-topic.)> From: nobody at> Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 05:14:09> > Michael Everson wrote:> > > we should be able to add an annotation to specify this use of gsw-FR.> > Apart from Doug's "comment" idea or my "add description in 639-3" idea> another possibility is to register variant "Alsatian" as proposed by> Stéphane, and immediately deprecate it in favour of "gsw-fr". This is> on the border to a "registry hack", but within what RFC 4646 offers.> > Frank
. . . >Thanks, it was an idea, but let's reserve comments for harder>cases. Maybe the issue here is a missing description, "gsw">mentions Schwyzerdütsch (roughly gsw-CH) and Alemanic (roughly>gsw-DE for non-linguists in Germany). If there would be also>a "gsw" description Alsatian (roughly corresponding to gsw-FR)>all essential parts of "gsw" would be covered "by name". >Of course improving descriptions is a job for the 639-3 folks,>but something with Alsatian and/or "gsw" isn't as it should be.>Frank> From: everson at > It seems to me that there is one linguistic entity here, and that if > there are no other dialects of Alemannic in France, then gsw-FR is > the one we should use, and we should be able to add an annotation to > specify this use of gsw-FR.> -- > Michael Everson *> _______________________________________________> Ietf-languages mailing list> Ietf-languages at>
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