Addition request: alsatian

Addison Phillips addison at
Wed Jan 9 05:35:30 CET 2008

Frank Ellermann wrote:

> another possibility is to register variant "Alsatian" as proposed by
> Stéphane, and immediately deprecate it in favour of "gsw-fr".  

Ick. Dead-on-arrival variants are a Bad Idea. If the subtag is 
unnecessary, don't register it. If there is a real world valid use for 
it, I have no objection to its registration. But this seems increasingly 

If we have to do something, I would favor putting either a Comment or 
additional Description on the 'gsw' subtag indicating that it includes 
Alsatian. Otherwise, I don't sense that there is a crying need for this 
subtag. Nor do we need to anoint particular subtag combinations with 
additional imbued meaning.



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