Addition request: alsatian

Peter Constable petercon at
Wed Jan 9 02:02:59 CET 2008

> From: Stephane Bortzmeyer [mailto:bortzmeyer at]

> > Is there really a need to tag Alsatian distinctly from gsw,
> Yes, Alsatian is a distinct dialect of Alemannic (see the references
> in the registration form). The issue now is "gsw-alsatian [my original
> request] or gsw-FR"?

I'm fully aware of those options and of the conversation happening on LTRU. What I want to understand, and regarding which I would still like further explanation from you, is *why* Alsatian content needs to be tagged separately from gsw. (There are lots of dialect distinctions that IMO don't need to be supported in tags.) I'm not particularly familiar with Allemanic varieties so don't know what the nature of the linguistic differences are and, sociolinguistically, how they get manifested in usage. And I don't know what tag usage scenarios are envisioned: Do you anticipate Web pages with distinct content for Alsatian than other gsw? Or are we looking at audio scenarios (e.g. like the scenarios for which the variant tag "scotland" was registered)?


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