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I have no objection to this tag. However, it does seem to create the 
possibility (mentioned before) that the same dialect could be identified 
as gsw-FR (assuming there are no other gsw dialects in France). 

Is it simply up to the user to decide whether to use regional or variant 
tagging? Or should some guidelines be written to indicate a preference for 
variant tagging over regional tagging if both exist?


Karen Broome

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Re: Addition request: alsatian

Request in the body, for the MIME-impaired.


1. Name of requester: St&#xE9;phane Bortzmeyer

2. E-mail address of requester: bortzmeyer+langtag at

3. Record Requested: 

   Type: variant
   Subtag: alsatian
   Description: Alsatian variant of Alemannic
   Description: Els&#xE4;ssisch
   Prefix: gsw

4. Intended meaning of the subtag: There is a distinct variety of
Alemannic spoken in Alsace. It is distinct from the language spoken in
Germany and Switzerland partly for political reasons, because Alsace
has been a french province for a long time.

5. Reference to published description
of the language (book or article):

    * (fr) "L'alsacien, deuxième langue régionale de France" Insee,
    Chiffres pour l'Alsace no. 12, December 2002

    * (fr) Brunner, Jean-Jacques. L'alsacien sans peine. ASSiMiL,
      2001. ISBN 2-7005-0222-1

    * (fr) Laugel-Erny, Elsa. Cours d'alsacien. Les Editions du Quai,
      1999. ISBN 978-2903548018

    * (fr) Matzen, Raymond, and Léon Daul. Wie Geht's ? Le dialecte à
      la portée de tous La Nuée Bleue, 1999. ISBN 2-7165-0464-4

    * (fr) Matzen, Raymond, and Léon Daul. Wie Steht's ? Lexiques
      alsacien et français, Variantes dialectales, Grammaire La Nuée
      Bleue, 2000. ISBN 2-7165-0525-X

    * (de) Frédéric Hartweg: Die Sprachen im Elsass: Kalter Krieg oder
      versöhntes Miteinander?. In: Ingo Kolboom und Bernd Rill
      (Hrsg.): Frankophonie -- nationale und internationale
      Dimensionen. Argumente und Materialien zum Zeitgeschehen 35,
      München: Hanns Seidel Stiftung, ISBN

    * (de) Hubert Klausmann, Konrad Kunze und Renate Schrambke (1994):
      Kleiner Dialektatlas - Alemannisch und Schwäbisch in
      Baden-Württemberg. Veröff. Alem. Inst. Frbg. Themen der
      Landeskunde 6, Bühl (Baden): Konkordia, 1994.

    * (de) Friedrich Maurer: Neue Forschungen zur südwestdeutschen
      Sprachgeschichte. In: Sprachgeographie Beih. Wirkendes Wort. 21,
      S. 119-163, Düsseldorf: Schwann, 1972.

6. Any other relevant information: Do note there exists several
"sub-dialects" (specifically between North and South of Alsace) but I
do not know if there is a comprehensive list of them yet. Do note also
that some alsatian local dialects are *not* variant of Alemannic at
all but Franconian or even Roman languages. Alsatian is still in
common use in Alsace, spoken and written. There is a localization of
Microsoft Word
but I do not know if they use proper language tags.
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