Doug Ewell dewell at
Fri May 4 15:49:48 CEST 2007

Addison Phillips <addison at yahoo dash inc dot com> wrote:

> The point of Suppress-Script is to guide users about when not to 
> include a script subtag for compatibility with RFC 3066 
> implementations. For Belarusian, this takes the form of a 
> Suppress-Script of Cyrl, since most Belarusian documents are written 
> in this script.

Notwithstanding the confusion over whether Taraskievica is a Latin or 
Cyrillic orthography, Addison makes an important point here. 
Suppress-Script is intended to maintain compatibility with RFC 3066 
applications that would fail to match, say, "be-Cyrl-BY" with "be-BY". 
No RFC 3066 implementation is going to understand the subtag 'tarask' 
anyway, in any position, because it is not part of any registered tag.

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