Frank Ellermann nobody at
Fri May 4 17:28:24 CEST 2007

Doug Ewell wrote:

> Suppress-Script is intended to maintain compatibility with RFC 3066
> applications that would fail to match, say, "be-Cyrl-BY" with "be-BY".
> No RFC 3066 implementation is going to understand the subtag 'tarask'
> anyway, in any position, because it is not part of any registered tag.

Just in case, a 3066 implementation using "right to left matching" will
match be-BY-tarask as "some kind of be-BY", but it won't identify tags
like be-Cyrl-BY-tarask as "some kind of be-BY".  

Fortunately "Cyrl" is registered as Suppress-Script for "be", therefore
be-Cyrl-BY-tarask is anyway not recommended, the shorter be-BY-tarask
will work as expected for "right to left matching".  And of course it's
not desirable to use the subtag "BY" in these examples unless it's for
some important semantical differences about "be-tarask as used in BY".

With be-tarask (or a dubious be-Cyrl-tarask) "right to left matching"
could identify these tags as "some kind of be" as expected.  


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