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Hi Kent,

I think you might be misapprehending what "suppress-script" actually 
does and the rules governing its inclusion in a record. Only primary 
language subtags can have a suppress-script field, please note. 'tarask' 
is a variant.

The point of Suppress-Script is to guide users about when not to include 
a script subtag for compatibility with RFC 3066 implementations. For 
Belarusian, this takes the form of a Suppress-Script of Cyrl, since most 
Belarusian documents are written in this script.

The fact that the variant 'tarask' represents a Latin orthographic 
variation (and that apparently there are others), suggests that users 
may or may not wish to include the 'Latn' subtag in their tags depending 
on their application. RFC 4646 cautions users not to include subtags 
that include no distinguishing value, so there are certainly cases in 
which 'Latn' adds no distinguishing value to a tag with the variant 
'tarask'. However, it is quite clear to me that you might have three 
versions of a document tagged:


The first is presumably in the Cyrillic script. Either of the latter two 
could then be selected using the range "be-Latn" (using basic filtering, 
per RFC 4647).

Of course, the tag "be-tarask" is perfectly acceptable and clearly 
implies the Latin script. For that matter, the tag "be-Latn-BE-tarask" 
is overkill, but still valid. And: note that "Suppress-Script" is not a 
"MUST NOT". The tag "be-Cyrl" is valid and permissible. There are 
examples in RFC 4646 for when such a tag might be useful (although they 
are marked with cautionary statements).


Kent Karlsson wrote:
> I must admit I'm a bit lost in all this flurry. But isn't the
> tarask variant subtag supposed to be for a particular orthography
> in the LATIN script? "be" currently has a suppress-script of Cyrl.
> So be-tarask would also have "suppress-script" Cyrl. Either the
> prefix should be "be-Latn" or some other action be taken so that
> using the tarask subtag gets a "supress-script" of Latn.
> 		/kent k
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>> Type: variant
>> Subtag: tarask
>> Description: Belarusian in Taraskievica orthography
>> Added: 2007-04-27
>> Prefix: be
>> Comments: The subtag represents Branislau Taraskievic's Belarusian
>>   orthography as published in "Bielaruski klasycny pravapis" by Juras
>>   Buslakou, Vincuk Viacorka, Zmicier Sanko, and Zmicier Sauka (Vilnia-
>>   Miensk 2005).
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