History of the LSR (was: [....] unhappy with the LSR)

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at alvestrand.no
Mon Mar 12 15:56:31 CET 2007

--On 10. mars 2007 22:49 +0100 Frank Ellermann <nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de> 

> CE Whitehead wrote:
>> Hi, my comments below,
> [...]
> It's tricky to split FUD from facts in articles _not_ posted here by
> that person.  E.g. the current language subtag reviewer (= LSR) was
> appointed by the IESG at some time after the approval of RFC 4646,
> IIRC before it got its number, and at that time Harald wasn't an
> IESG member.
> The former language tag reviewer, who happens to be the same as the
> current LSR (i.e. Michael), was appointed by a prior IESG under the
> old RFC 3066 rules, and it's perfectly possible that Harald was the
> IETF Chair (and therefore an IESG member) at this time.

Actually I believe the year was 1995, the RFC was 1766, and I was either a 
completely fresh Applications Area Director (and IESG member), or just 
getting used to the idea that I would become one. I think I actually asked 
Michael before I jointed the IESG, but I can't be sure - I don't have the 
mail archives from that time online. It's been a while.

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