History of the LSR (was: [....] unhappy with the LSR)

Frank Ellermann nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de
Sat Mar 10 22:49:07 CET 2007

CE Whitehead wrote:
> Hi, my comments below,

It's tricky to split FUD from facts in articles _not_ posted here by
that person.  E.g. the current language subtag reviewer (= LSR) was
appointed by the IESG at some time after the approval of RFC 4646,
IIRC before it got its number, and at that time Harald wasn't an 
IESG member.

The former language tag reviewer, who happens to be the same as the
current LSR (i.e. Michael), was appointed by a prior IESG under the
old RFC 3066 rules, and it's perfectly possible that Harald was the
IETF Chair (and therefore an IESG member) at this time.  

Nothing of this is in any way related to "member of the Unicode BoD"
or not.  As far as I can tell it MarkD and Michael contributed huge
parts to Unicode 5, and Harald is one of the I18N evangelists for 
more than a decade.

And checking RFC 3066 I find that the language tag reviewer was in
fact appointed by the applications area director (also a member of
the IESG).  Checking the times when Harald was an Apps AD I found
1995..1997, so if he really appointed Michael and there never was
another language tag reviewer that would have been in spring 1995 
under RFC 1766 rules. 


P.S.:  I should really stay away from threads with the name of a 
       poster in the subject.

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