Variant tags for sl-rozaj: History and preliminaries

Addison Phillips addison at
Mon Jun 11 23:37:04 CEST 2007

 > This part worries me a bit. Is it the intention to allow a tag like
 > "sl-rojaz-1994-biske" or "sl-rojaz-biske-1994", or is the intent that
 > only "sl-rojaz-1994" should be used?

If it doesn't have 1994 as a prefix (or vice versa), the subtags are 
mutually exclusive (with a SHOULD NOT). See section 2.2.5:

Most variants that share a prefix are mutually exclusive. For example, 
the German orthographic variations '1996' and '1901' SHOULD NOT be used 
in the same tag, as they represent the dates of different spelling 
reforms. A variant that can meaningfully be used in combination with 
another variant SHOULD include a 'Prefix' field in its registry record 
that lists that other variant. For example, if another German variant 
'example' were created that made sense to use with '1996', then 
'example' should include two Prefix fields: "de" and "de-1996".

Circular prefix references are to be forbidden by 4646bis (and by policy 
they should be now).


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