Variant tags for sl-rozaj: History and preliminaries

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Tue Jun 12 05:06:51 CEST 2007

On Lun, 11 Giugno 2007 11:25 pm, Harald Alvestrand wrote:

> This part worries me a bit. Is it the intention to allow a tag like
> "sl-rojaz-1994-biske" or "sl-rojaz-biske-1994", or is the intent that
> only "sl-rojaz-1994" should be used?
> Any time we add more tag-generating rules (instead of just tags), my
> nerves twitch.

What I am after are the tags "sl-rozaj-1994" and "sl-rozaj-biske-1994".
The record for the variant tag '1994' would contain multiple Prefix fields
for 'sl-rozaj', 'sl-rozaj-biske' etc. The Prefix fields enumerate
exhaustively which language tags can be formed, which is not so very
generative. Even the order of the variant tags within the language tag is
determined by the Prefix fields.

With this information in the Prefix fields, the implementer can still
generate "sl-IT-rozaj-1994" and "sl-IT-rozaj-biske-1994". However, this is
highly redundant, as the whole of the Resian speech territory is contained
within Italy.


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