Variant tags for sl-rozaj: History and preliminaries

Harald Alvestrand harald at
Mon Jun 11 23:25:18 CEST 2007

han.steenwijk at wrote:
> Hi,
> here is something on the current state of affairs concerning tags for Resian.
> b. Standardized orthography.
> Apart from individual and poorly defined ways of writing Resian during the
> past three centuries, a standardized orthography proposal was published in
> 1994. This proposal aims at constructing a Resian written standard that is
> an abstraction from the local dialects while at the same time
> standardizing the orthography of the four major dialects. From then on, it
> has been used in various publications, mainly those edited by the
> association "Rozajanski Dum". Alternative writing systems continue to
> exist, though.
> This boils down to the following list of variant tags to be proposed, in
> order of urgency:
> - major dialects
> biske
> njiva
> osojs
> solba
> - standardized orthography
> 1994
This part worries me a bit. Is it the intention to allow a tag like 
"sl-rojaz-1994-biske" or "sl-rojaz-biske-1994", or is the intent that 
only "sl-rojaz-1994" should be used?

Any time we add more tag-generating rules (instead of just tags), my 
nerves twitch.


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