Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF or fr-ortograf ?)

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Reviewing the Ubuntu site, they are not complying with ISO 639-1 or ISO 
639-2 today and it appears they may already be assigning non-standard 
codes. Neither of those ISO standards indicate things such as Brazilian 
Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, or Hong Kong Chinese -- all on the Ubuntu 
list. If Ubuntu is currently using ISO 639 standards only, the development 
teams are adding semantics not included in the ISO standards and making up 

Or possibly they already use RFC 3066 or 4646 and would accept a 
private-use variant code.


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Re: Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF or fr-ortograf ?)

exemple - Why we need a tag?:
For instance, if I want to translate Ubuntu (the Linux distribution) in 
order to allowed people to choose "Ortograf alternativ' during the install 
or update process of Ubuntu.
To do this I have to create a new translation team (directory):
To do this I need an ISO-639-1 or ISO-639-2 code. Soon I will be able to 
use an ISO-639-3 or variant tag (if i have one), a bue print has been 
draft for it in the Ubuntu translation project (rosetta-launchpad):

I don't know the technical or political reasons behind that, but a 
language code is often required to be a part of a translation sortware 

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