Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF)

Michael Everson everson at
Sat Dec 8 01:46:27 CET 2007

At 16:29 -0800 2007-12-07, Randy Presuhn wrote:

>  > So far, I consider this a vanity orthography.
>>  Please supply four more books or articles written
>>  in the orthography, and not from samizdat
>>  publishers.
>Though it would indeed be nice to have that much substantiation
>of the orthography's use, I don't see how RFC 4646 sets any particular
>requirement here.

No, but your Reviewer's task is linguistic, and so far this French 
alternative orthography is not well-enough attested, and is being 
proposed by its own inventor. Alarum bells do ring.

>Is this something where the ltru WG will need to add guidance in the 
>update to the BCP?

No, please. This is an example of the Reviewer asking for more 
information. It is not something that rules have to be made for.

>  >
>  > >)
>>  This article is *in* standard French.
>How does this constitute an objection?  There is no requirement
>that descriptions of languages registered be written in that language.

That was a discussion, not a description. Look, Randy, this isn't 
algorithmic. You have a Reviewer to exercise judgement. I'm not 
satisfied about the status of the entity for which a tag has been 

>  > Please list 50 distinct items, be they books, websites, or software.
>Where does this requirement come from?  Have similar demands
>been made of other registration requests?

No, because previous requests have not been questionable in the way 
that this one is.
Michael Everson *

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