50 books or Web pages (was: Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF))

Frank Ellermann nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de
Sat Dec 8 14:48:13 CET 2007

Michael Everson wrote:

>> Is this something where the ltru WG will need to add guidance
>> in the update to the BCP?
> No, please. This is an example of the Reviewer asking for more 
> information. It is not something that rules have to be made for.

I think it's a case of a list member asking for more information.

The *reviewer* can't invent new rules like "produce 50 web sites",
the *reviewer* can only decide based on the info or lack of info
And the *reviewer* can't decide that "2004-ortograf" is a subtag,
no info requested by a list member can change this.  If English
oddities like Shavian are good enough for standards, then being
very picky with non-English oddities here is a difficult course.

>> Have similar demands been made of other registration requests?

> No, because previous requests have not been questionable in
> the way that this one is.

I vaguely recall "a book in my shelf" demand for baku1926, that
is why I checked a reference "sanctioned" by TUS 5.0 for frr and
company (as it happens the reference roughly confirmed baku1926,
and I figured out that it is likely too old to confirm Kore as
Suppress-Script, the KP standard noted in TUS is relatively new)


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