Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF)

Michael Everson everson at
Sat Dec 8 01:06:58 CET 2007

At 18:55 -0500 2007-12-07, Mario Périard wrote:
>Thousands are using 'ortograf alternativ' most 
>of them have language disabilities and they are 
>waiting for more support. You can think this is 
>not a serious concern but for all of these think 
>that is not a joke or a vanity spelling.  
>  > ><>
>>  So far, I consider this a vanity orthography.
>>  Please supply four more books or articles written
>>  in the orthography, and not from samizdat
>  > publishers.

Please address, to satisfy my curiosity, the following point:

>  > Good gods. How on earth is someone with
>>  "inkapasité intélêktuêl" supposed to parse "Vou
>  > z'alé"? What is the z' supposed to refer to?

Please note that your claim of "several groups" indicated one group only:

>  > >Today, there are also several groups (ex.
>>  > -
>>  >
>>  That is one group only. There is also
>> which is Scrabble in
>  > Standard French.

Please supply the items requested:

>  > >promoting this spelling which currently are
>>  >translating books, softwares, web sites, etc. in
>>  >order ti give a more complete access to this new
>>  >spelling standard.
>  > Please list 50 distinct items, be they books, websites, or software.

Please note that I have asked for evidence, not assertion:

>  > I would like to see some more evidence that 
>this is not a vanity orthography.

Michael Everson *

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