C Eddie Whitehead cewcathar at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 9 00:37:48 CEST 2007

Hi, Doug, all:
  regarding having Reshat's requested subtag
  as baku1926 or 1926baku  :
  since my subtags are already registered,
  I assume we cannot change the names now
  actually I started wishing I had requested all my subtags with the text-name first, preceding the date (acad1694; and either nict1606 or even better nicot16s but with the latter option the two subtags no longer quite coalesce)
  I'm sure the names on mine cannot be changed as of this date,
  and in any case, if Reshat wants the dates first in his,
  then it's settled.
  If he does not,
  then maybe someday there is a procedure for changing the names on mine (no need to hurry);
  I'll have to read the rfc again
  Just wanted to let you know when I saw this posted
  Thanks much; sorry to be this much trouble;
  (I managed to cc the main people concerned as my comments no longer post to the list
  as I withdrew for at least a time due to depression or something like that; am feeling fine right now however & have temporarily this laptop to keep me entertained)
  Best wishes,
  C. E. Whitehead
  cewcathar at yahoo.com

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