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Marion Gunn mgunn at egt.ie
Wed Nov 22 19:11:49 CET 2006

On 22 Nov 2006, at 01:29, scríobh Mark Davis:

> ...
> The political season is over...
> Language tags are a big customer for ISO 15924, and it would seem  
> reasonable to at least consider the issue from all sides...

I concur.

> I think I might not have been clear. While there may be good  
> reasons for why IPA doesn't qualify, and yet Hans & Hant qualify,  
> but the JAC did not make the rationale clear. While the difference  
> may be blindingly obvious to you, it would be helpful to hear what  
> it actually is, more than an "I concur".

I concur.:-)

> I don't think anyone is expecting books in IPA -- it would be, as  
> you say, tagged fragments.

Actually, I would - mostly what I see are bks with parallel texts -  
but tagged fragments will suffice, for now.

> No, I think everyone is aware that there are multiple systems of  
> phonetic representations. So IPA would likely be the first of  
> several. But it is clearly a relatively important one, being in  
> pretty widespread use in dictionaries and other sources. As with  
> encoding characters, or script variants, at some point you have to  
> make judgments as to whether a system is in wide enough usage to be  
> worth encoding; systems that are in ad hoc, limited use wouldn't  
> qualify.

I concur.

> But a side note: a list of 8 different potential systems is not  
> exactly scary, given we that we are at the point of adding some  
> 7,000 new language tags.

Exactly what I was thinking, and not really  such a big "ask" (given  
the potential benefits accruing to all).


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