[iso15924-jac] Re: Phonetic orthographies

Kenneth Whistler kenw at sybase.com
Tue Nov 21 20:08:19 CET 2006

Marion Gunn wrote:

> > And IPA is not a variant script. It is not comparable to Latf and  
> > Latg.
> I believe that it is.

Well, we disagree then.

> We need both Latg and IPA, for example.

I have no doubt of the need to tag such things, but they are
distinctions of a different sort.

> > It is a circumscribed, technical use of Latn. "cat" is English.
> > "[cat]" is IPA. Tell me the script difference, except in function...
> You choose an example lacking non-Latin (Greek) letters. Why?

Well, two reasons. 1. I could type it easily in a Latin-1
email client. 2. I was making a point about the same string
of characters having different functions in two distinct

Also, I consider the use by IPA of several Greek letters to
be basically irrelevant to the tagging, anyway. There are,
for example, Latin orthographies that borrow in a few letters
from Cyrillic -- note Morris Swadesh's publications of
Wakashan text material, using a Cyrillic che instead of
the Americanist convention of a c-hacek. That doesn't make
that a non-Latin orthography nor a different script -- it is
just a borrowing of a letter from another script in a conventional
use in an idiosyncratic orthography.


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