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> >>Perhaps the ISO 15924 RA would like to suggest a alternative  
> solution to
> >>its user community in view of the request for a solution?
> >
> > It's not the RA's job to do that, really.
> It *is* the RAs job to register tags that users want to use, and to  
> service the user needs for which ISO 15924 was created. If the RA  
> does't feel a particular user need should be met using the standard  
> when users are suggesting that it should, then IMO the RA should be  
> prepared to suggest where an alternative solution might lie. Just  
> the the ISO 639 JAC needs to be prepared to do.
> > However, I (for my part) did suggest that the
> > following might be used:
> Yes, but users are saying these alone are not considered sufficient  
> for the needs, and you have not provided a solution to that extent...

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