Phonetic orthographies

Gerard Meijssen gerardm at
Sat Nov 11 10:50:40 CET 2006

John Cowan wrote:
> Gerard Meijssen scripsit:
>> Hoi,
> coi
>> Actually, zh is only to be used within the confines of ISO-639-1 and 
>> ISO-639-2. The new standard has zh and consequently zho marked as a 
>> macro language. Making assumptions on the basis of the zh code is only 
>> useful for the hopefully short period until the use of zh is only to be 
>> used for historical reasons.
> That turns out not to be the case.  According to the current plan
> for the successor to RFC 4646 (the current version), the individual
> languages encompassed by zh will be specified in the form zh-cmn,
> zh-yue, zh-nan, etc. etc.
I hope this is a plan that can be changed. Zh is no longer considered a 

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