More fun with descriptions: Divehi

Doug Ewell dewell at
Fri Jul 14 08:09:47 CEST 2006

Frank Ellermann <nobody at xyzzy dot claranet dot de> wrote:

> Personally I'd feel more comfortable if derivations from the sources 
> are noted as "Comment".  If an u+27 in the sources is plain wrong, 
> then the subtag registry "description" field isn't the ideal place to 
> fix it.

Addison suggested using the Comments field for a similar purpose 
(providing ASCII equivalents for non-ASCII Description fields).

> The way it went with GG, IM, JE, and now maybe also DD + YD was 
> cleaner (and I first supported various ad hoc ideas for these cases 
> until Debbie cleaned it at the right place).

I'm not sure how this is related to the discussion about Description 

>> the Divehi change does not involve any apostrophes
> :-)  And we made sure that the registry supports any Unicode.

There is no controversy about that.  There is quite a bit of controversy 
about *which* characters should be present in the Description field, and 

Doug Ewell
Fullerton, California, USA 

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