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Joze Fabcic joze.fabcic at
Fri Jul 14 11:07:44 CEST 2006

I've got the following estimate

... Cut spelling was used by about ten people at one time. It still
forms the base for house stile and interspel. Chris Upward wrote many
articles and most were written in cut spelling so there are quite a few
examples. (upward). House stile is used by about
30 peeple but thare is no site whare House Stile is required or is the
default notation. 


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Joze Fabcic <joze dot fabcic at hermes dot si> wrote:

> Doug, what criteria do you use? Can you quantify "a semblance of a 
> base of users of Cut Spelling" into something more measurable?

I agree with Addison on this: practically any group of users of Cut 
Spelling, or any group of documents written in Cut Spelling, that can be
verified to exist would probably qualify.  The difference is between 
serving an actual group of users and/or documents, and building a system
as a hobby or experiment and hoping it MAY benefit someone.

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