What URI for BCP 47?

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Mon Jul 17 20:37:33 CEST 2006

Frank Ellermann scripsit:

> A BCP is necessarily "IESG", therefore the IETF site
> is also "canonical".  IIRC you asked for a HTTP URI,
> otherwise we could check out the IETF URN, maybe it
> offers a way to specify BCPs (?)

It does:  urn:ietf:bcp:47 is canonical according to RFC 2648.

> > ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/bcp/bcp47.txt
> IMO that can't be canonical, you're not interested in
> questions who acts as actual RFC editor, and how the
> current RFC editor and the IETF decide this.

Quite true; however, it is the most stable access
point for RFCs, having been useful since the beginning
of FTP over TCP/IP.

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