Language Subtag Registration Form: variant "signed"

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Sun Feb 26 01:39:25 CET 2006

Doug Ewell wrote:

>    Prefix: en-GB
>    Prefix: en-IE
>    Prefix: en-US

Hi, how about focussing on this part as indicated by your
evidence ?  It's already interesting to discuss why you
pick these three region prefixes out of dozens plausible
combinations, notably en-AU, en-CA, en-NZ, and en.

Adding more languages later is possible, but first I want
to see why polluting the registry with monstrous regional
prefix lists is necessary.
> The 16 prefixes listed on this registration form denote
> languages and regional variations for which signed
> representations are known.

Is that so ?  What's the difference between say en-GB-signed
and en-IE-signed ?  I'd prefer to skip the regions and just
say  Prefix: en  if that's good enough.  

The 3066bis example says that sl-IT-nedis is okay for the
registered Prefix: sl
                         Bye, Frank

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