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Ned Freed ned.freed at
Sun Feb 19 19:51:01 CET 2006

(cc'ing the ltru list and the IESG since this concerns an approved LTRU

> What is this crap? I mean it. I have put up with all sorts of
> nonsense on the IETF languages list for YEARS, and I have repeatedly
> had to BEG people to take off-topic materials elsewhere. I have
> repeatedly made it clear that my interest in language-tag reviewing
> is limited to LANGUAGE-TAG REVIEWING. Who is now asking me to take an
> administrative role in running the discussion list?

It is part of the defined duties specified by draft-ietf-ltru-registry-14.txt:

3.2.  Language Subtag Reviewer

   The Language Subtag Reviewer is appointed by the IESG for an
   indefinite term, subject to removal or replacement at the IESG's
   discretion.  The Language Subtag Reviewer moderates the ietf-
   languages mailing list, responds to requests for registration, and
   performs the other registry maintenance duties described in
   Section 3.3.  Only the Language Subtag Reviewer is permitted to
   request IANA to change, update or add records to the Language Subtag

Now, having pointed this out, I will also say that I think this is totally
inappropriate. IMO there is no reason why mailing list moderation duties should
be part of the language tag reviewer's job. The skillsets sure seem disjoint to
me and I see no advantage to be gained from requiring the same person do both.

I will also point out that although I'm the media types reviewer I'm not the
moderator of the media types review list, nor would I want to be. I also happen
to be the moderator of the charsets review list but I'm not on the review team,
and again I don't want to be. So there's ample "running code" to support the
notion of these being separate jobs.

I suspect this just slipped through in the LTRU registry specification without
anyone noticing it was problematic until now, but regardless of how it
happened, I hereby call for the text discussing the added list moderation
responsibility of the language tag reviewer to be struck from the registry
draft prior to its publication as an RFC. I don't especially care how this gets
done - AUTH48 edit, new draft, new last call, whatever, as long as it happens.


P.S. I realize that with the IAB's recent (and IMO overly pedantic) ruling
regarding the handling of non-WG list, the IESG may well be wrapped around
an assortment of axles in regards to non-WG list moderation. Nevertheless,
I hope this can be corrected with a minimum of fuss and furor.

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