Is there a subtag for 'plain English' or 'simplified English'

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FYI, I am looking at including Registers within ISO 639-6; perhaps within an
extension coding mechanism working across different domains.  I am working
on it for the next draft.


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Perhaps variant subtags "colloq" and "legal" (and perhaps others for other
registers of English usage). Of course, the vast majority of English content
is colloquial, so "colloq" would only get used in particular application
contexts, e.g. if you were maintaining a corpus of documents used for
training natural-language processing tools.






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What would you suggest to indicate the difference between something written
in English and a simplified English "translation" of that content. For
example, the legal wording of a bill submitted to voters and the "plain
English" translation of that bill.

Would it be appropriate in this case to use a user extension? (e.g.

If an alternative already exists, I understand it would be better not to use
a private use subtag, however this distinction may be too idiosyncratic for
a general tag. What do you think?

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