Request for variant subtag fr 16th-c 17th-c

Michael Everson everson at
Fri Dec 15 22:04:14 CET 2006

At 15:27 -0500 2006-12-15, CE Whitehead wrote:
>>Could you please take a few days to find out if there were things 
>>that were suitable?
>16esiecl and 17esiecl are the tags I like best for now.
>Those are the names we use in French.

Surely 16siecle and 17siecle would be less awful.

>The other way is to pin it to the dictionary. That's all there 
>really seems to be.

I think that France is a big place, French is a big and diverse 
language, and century-references are too vague. So it is *my opinion* 
that an OED-style dictionary reference would give users more correct 
information as to the nature of the language being tagged. So my 
request is that you take some time to determine whether such an 
authoritative reference (whether grammar or dictionary) could be 
found for the two language varieties which you have a need to tag.

I think this is the right way to do this.

I think if so then it will assist us in dealing with the Tatar 
question, which is still vexing.
Michael Everson *

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