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Covering myself, in case this discussion more properly belongs on  
IETF list.

On 13 Dec 2006, at 12:35, scríobh Marion Gunn:

> On 12 Dec 2006, at 22:25, scríobh Karen_Broome at spe.sony.com:
>> For the record, I was previously reprimanded for suggesting the  
>> use of "Gaelic (Scots)" because of its potential to confuse the  
>> user with the Scots language. I agreed. In my local applications,  
>> I'm now using "Gaelic (Scottish)."
> For the record (for those who STILL find it hard to match languages  
> to countries):
> the "Celtic" language of Scotland is "Gaelic";
> the "Celtic" language of Ireland is "Irish";
> the "Celtic" language of the Isle of Man is "Manx";
> the "Celtic" language of Wales is "Welsh";
> the "Celtic" language of Brittany is "Breton";
> the "Celtic" language of Corwall is "Cornish".
> As you can see, the only mismatch is Scotland, having a language  
> called "Gaelic" - ALL the other languages are called by names which  
> match the names of the countries to which they belong.  Deviating  
> from this simple rule causes offense to speakers and endless  
> difficulties to both teachers and learners.
> mg

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