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Thanks for posting us.
I've always referred to the Celtic language of Scotland as Scots Gaelic as 
opposed to Scots dialect which is English spoken as the Scottish folk speak 
However apparently Scots is now the term for the Scottish variety of 
English--I checked it out at the famous Wikipedia:
Thanks very much.
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>Covering myself, in case this discussion more properly belongs on  IETF 
>On 13 Dec 2006, at 12:35, scríobh Marion Gunn:
>>On 12 Dec 2006, at 22:25, scríobh Karen_Broome at spe.sony.com:
>>>For the record, I was previously reprimanded for suggesting the  use of 
>>>"Gaelic (Scots)" because of its potential to confuse the  user with the 
>>>Scots language. I agreed. In my local applications,  I'm now using 
>>>"Gaelic (Scottish)."
>>For the record (for those who STILL find it hard to match languages  to 
>>the "Celtic" language of Scotland is "Gaelic";
>>the "Celtic" language of Ireland is "Irish";
>>the "Celtic" language of the Isle of Man is "Manx";
>>the "Celtic" language of Wales is "Welsh";
>>the "Celtic" language of Brittany is "Breton";
>>the "Celtic" language of Corwall is "Cornish".
>>As you can see, the only mismatch is Scotland, having a language  called 
>>"Gaelic" - ALL the other languages are called by names which  match the 
>>names of the countries to which they belong.  Deviating  from this simple 
>>rule causes offense to speakers and endless  difficulties to both teachers 
>>and learners.
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