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Wed Dec 6 16:52:32 CET 2006

David Starner wrote:
> Who's "we"? Why would you encourage the use of a non-standard
> tagging system instead using the current system to tag it?

In the context of John's article "we" is probably the folks on
this review list:  Registering a variant now for something that
will "soon" get its language subtag based on 639-3 would be a
dubious plan.  

The new variant would have to be deprecated in favour of the 
639-3 code.  If it's very important to have the variant subtag
"now" without finding out what "soon" means you can of course
propose it anyway.

Or maybe you can bridge the time until 4646bis with x-whatever.
Of course that has its own drawbacks.  On the other hand if 
"whatever" wasn't needed so far maybe you can wait.  Or try to
get the code into 639-2, that could work "now", not only "soon".


 nai-x-mutsun tags
> it clearly and unambiguously, and there's no huge concern about
> updating tags for the literally two books that might need it.
> > As for Quiché, which seems to be spelled "K'iche'" these days,
> > there are six languages containing that term in 639-3.
> > It's a question which one you have.
> That's the hard question, as we would have to find some one with the
> specialized knowledge to tell them apart.
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