[Ltru] Re: LANGUAGE SUBTAG REGISTRATION FORM: Uralic Phonetic Alphabet

Martin Hosken martin_hosken at sil.org
Thu Dec 7 03:12:44 CET 2006

Dear Marion,
> I can support the proposal below, as a quick fix.
> Many thanks,
> mg
> On 28 Nov 2006, at 08:00, scríobh Doug Ewell:
>> Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:
>> ...
>>>  Type: variant
>>>  Subtag: fonipa
>>>  Description: International Phonetic Alphabet
> ...
>> trying to find a way to tag phonetic content (primarily IPA) and most
>> solutions involve an ISO 15924 registration...
>From my naive reading of 4646 I am under the impression that all
language variants like this must be registered *per language*. Do I need
to write some Perl to make the 7000 submissions for IPA? Or is there to
be a mechanism for registering script variants like this (pretty please)?

Martin Hosken

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