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Frank Ellermann nobody at
Thu Aug 31 08:21:05 CEST 2006

Reshat wrote:

 [UTF-8 in the script names mangled by my MUA, sorry]
> i'd suggest a more detailed classification for Qazan
> (Idil-Ural) Tatar:
> Arab   (pre-1920)
> YIml    (Arabic, Ya?a iml? (new orthography) which replaced
> optional in Arabic harakats (diacritics-like vowels) w/
> full-blown letters, etc., 1920-1928)
> Jnlf      (Latin w/ mix of Cyrillic letters, Ja?lif (new
> alphabet),1928-1938)
> Cyrl    (Cyrl, "official" now, only because a law was
> introduced in Moscow to forbid switching from Cyrillic to any
> other alphabets)

Probably Mark is only interested in "registered" script codes,
that's apparently not the case for YIml and Jnlf.  One source
I found claims that Yanalif are 26 Latin letters plus 8 others:

RFE/RL is a source like the "CIA world fact book", but here it

> for Crimean Tatar (crh), the history would be as follows:
> Arab   (pre-1928)
> Jnlf      (Latin w/ mix of Cyrillic letters, Ja?alif (new
> alphabet), 1928-1938)
> Cyrl    (Cyrl)
> Latn   (now official)

I don't know how you could register "Jnlf" as script code, or
why that's not yet the case, but the experts on this list will
hopefully tell us.


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