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Frank Ellermann yazmış:
> Reshat wrote:
> [UTF-8 in the script names mangled by my MUA, sorry]
>> i'd suggest a more detailed classification for Qazan (Idil-Ural)
>> Tatar: Arab   (pre-1920) YIml    (Arabic, Ya?a iml? (new
>> orthography) which replaced optional in Arabic harakats
>> (diacritics-like vowels) w/ full-blown letters, etc., 1920-1928)
>> Jnlf      (Latin w/ mix of Cyrillic letters, Ja?lif (new
>> alphabet),1928-1938) Cyrl    (Cyrl, "official" now, only because
>> a law was introduced in Moscow to forbid switching from Cyrillic
>> to any other alphabets)
> Probably Mark is only interested in "registered" script codes,
> that's apparently not the case for YIml and Jnlf.  One source I
> found claims that Yanalif are 26 Latin letters plus 8 others:
> RFE/RL is a source like the "CIA world fact book", but here it
> matches.
Right, among the additional letters are 3 Cyrillic letters (they are
now used in Cyrillic), and 2 Cyrillic-like ones, and 1 was totally
from another galaxy. ;)
>> for Crimean Tatar (crh), the history would be as follows: Arab
>> (pre-1928) Jnlf      (Latin w/ mix of Cyrillic letters, Ja?alif
>> (new alphabet), 1928-1938) Cyrl    (Cyrl) Latn   (now official)
> I don't know how you could register "Jnlf" as script code, or why
> that's not yet the case, but the experts on this list will
> hopefully tell us.
I'd think one needs to be able to identify records written in Jnlf, so
it should be added. I guess it hasn't been because the subject never
came up for consideration. Although, IMHO, this alphabet is like that
desert Rachel made in Friends: beef and jelly, and what not.
> Frank
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