el-latn, ru-latn, and related possibilities

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Yes, I agree on both points. I thought the borrowing/mixing of characters
from other scripts might be extensive.
If it isn't, then I agree with you.


"John.Cowan" wrote:
> Tex Texin scripsit:
> > My understanding is that phoneticists often use
> > characters from different scripts or "invent" characters which involves
> > adding strokes or marks to existing characters and in Unicode terms might be
> > feasible using combining chars. So the script might be a hodgepodge of
> > things representable in Unicode, but not part of a single script.
> Saying something is in the Xxxx script does not mean that it includes only
> Unicode characters whose script property is Xxxx.  In particular,
> Kurdish in Cyrillic requires the Latin letters Q/q/W/w.  Furthermore,
> combining characters aren't in any script and do not affect the
> overall script.
> The Turkmen orthography uses things that aren't even Unicode letters,
> like the cent sign and the (British) pound sign, but that doesn't mean
> it isn't basically in Latin script.
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