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Mon Jun 13 06:34:01 CEST 2005

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> The request for "gsw" is another story.  Unlike 3066bis, which is
> nearing completion, there is no set schedule (or even good estimate) for
> the release of 3066ter.  It will depend not only on the release of ISO
> 639-3, but also on the Working Group process that will be needed to
> create and approve 3066ter itself.  This has proven to be slow and
> painful in the case of 3066bis; we don't know if it will be any better
> next time.

The changes from 3066bis to 3066ter will likely be *much* smaller than those from 3066 to 3066bis. I suspect (and certainly hope) it will take *far* less time than 3066bis has.

> Failing that, I actually think the best short-term solution for
> Schwyzerdütsch would be to register "i-gsw" under 3066, and have it be
> grandfathered under 3066bis (which offers no alternative coding for this
> language).

Before doing that, I would suggest she request it be added to ISO 639-2. It likely satisfies the requirements.

Peter Constable

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