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Mon Jun 13 06:43:32 CEST 2005

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> Because what the Internet
> community expects from BCP 47 is precisely what Karen wants: to
> how IANA easily registers tags which are not listed in ISO documents
> the community needs, whatever the position of ISO. This will be
> in the ccTLD/NIC Draft under preparation to be presented at the
> meeting. Your target should not be to censor users' needs in using ISO
> a
> filter. It should be to advise users and ISO so they avoid conflicts.
> you only show that either you do not want it, either that you did not
> understand it or that you do not know how to do it.

The *only* reason that there is an issue with registering what Karen has
asked for in the case of "gsw" is that we are in a transitional stage.
She *could* register "i-gsw", but we know now that in a years time or so
"gsw" will probably be provided under the terms of an anticipated RFC

If you were paying attention, Mr. Morfin, you would see that what is
happening is advising so as to avoid conflicts. It is *not* the case
that we don't want what she's asking for, nor is it the case that don't
understand what she's asking for or why she needs it. It is *not* the
case that we don't know how to provide what she's asking for; it is only
a matter that all the infrastructure we anticipate for doing it is not
yet finished.

Please stop raising alarm bells when there is no fire.

Peter Constable

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