Swiss german, spoken

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Mon Jun 13 06:30:15 CEST 2005

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> Unfortunately, we are in a cleft stick as far as "gsw" is concerned:
> we *cannot* register it, not merely that we don't want to.  The *only*
> authority that can do so at this point is the U.S. Library of Congress
> in its role as ISO 639-2/RA.  In order to meet their requirements,
> there must exist at least 50 documents in the language, held in no
> more than five institutions (that is, there can be additional
> holding more documents, but it is not satisfactory if ten institutions
> hold
> only five documents each).  Documents can include sound recordings,
> and electronic media of all sorts.

I suspect if there is a need for this for ISAN, then there are probably
enough documents to satisfy the requirements for ISO 639-2.

Peter Constable

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