Region subtags under 3066 and 3066bis (long)

John Cowan cowan at
Tue Feb 22 00:30:37 CET 2005

Frank Ellermann scripsit:

> >> The public list has codes like RA, 2nd RB, RC, etc. with
> >> the year 1949 for the reservation, or at least that's
> >> how I interpreted "R49".

Ah.  I think "R 49" means "reserved by document 49".  See footnote
(d), third bullet point.  It appears to be applied only to reserved
code elements.

> You can replace "en" by "fr", the result is always about 150KB.


> Yes, so far it's clear.  But I don't see why the old DD is in
> the registry without a pointer to the new DE.  If something is
> "deprecated", then I normally want to know what's recommended.

The full problem of deprecation is hard to solve.  In essence, we are
using the ISO 3166 codes not as intended, but as mnemonic aliases
for the underlying M.49 codes.

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