Region subtags under 3066 and 3066bis (long)

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Mon Feb 21 21:53:43 CET 2005

John Cowan wrote:

>> The public list has codes like RA, 2nd RB, RC, etc. with
>> the year 1949 for the reservation, or at least that's
>> how I interpreted "R49".
> Which public list is this, please?


You can replace "en" by "fr", the result is always about 150KB.

 [DD 278 + DE 280 = DE 276] 
> This confusion is fairly easy to straighten out, once one
> grasps that ISO 3166 encodes the names of countries, whereas
> UN M.49 encodes countries as physical-economic entities.

Yes, so far it's clear.  But I don't see why the old DD is in
the registry without a pointer to the new DE.  If something is
"deprecated", then I normally want to know what's recommended.

The reason "exactly the same geographical area" does not really
convince me.  If Doug wants to list former "physical-economic 
entities", he needs DD _and_ 280.  I'd prefer a pointer from DD
to DE based on DDDE in ISO 3166-3, and no 280.  If that's not
possible the next logical variant is DD + 280 without pointers.

> The Yemen story is exactly the same, mutatis mutandis.

Yes.  The number business is logical, the name business is also
fine, but the mixture of both lines is... strange.

In another article:
> Oderint dum metuant.  :-)

They won't hesitate to find the "second best common practice"
for GG, IM, JE, or any future FQ where it is. ;-)   Bye, Frank

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