Doug Ewell dewell at
Fri Feb 18 06:35:45 CET 2005

Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:

> There has been no discussion at all about Mark's Hans/Hant tags,
> so I don't feel comfortable making a decision.

I strongly support all of the Hans/Hant tags except for the Macao ones,
which I sort of weakly support.

These tags provide a sensible upward migratory path from the past
practice of overloading zh-CN, -TW, and -HK to indicate script.  Users
who employed zh-TW merely to indicate traditional Han can use zh-Hant
instead, but if they still *also* wanted to encode Taiwan -- for
example, to indicate Mandarin or Min as opposed to Cantonese -- then
they could use zh-Hant-TW.  Likewise for the others.

I don't have any documentation to back this up, but I suppose someone

-Doug Ewell
 Fullerton, California

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