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> There has been no discussion at all about Mark's Hans/Hant tags, so I
> don't feel comfortable making a decision.

On Feb 4, John Cowan commented:

The Chinese script-and-country tags are zh-Hans-CN, zh-Hans-HK,
zh-Hans-MO, zh-Hans-SG, zh-Hans-TW, zh-Hant-CN, zh-Hant-HK, zh-Hant-MO,
zh-Hant-SG, and zh-Hant-TW.  These are all attempts to clean up the
long-standing mess of using zh-CN and zh-TW to mean zh-Hans and zh-Hant
respectively, and I don't think they represent any problem, since
Mandarin Chinese is indeed used in all these countries, some emphasizing
one script, some another, but with exceptions all round.

Peter Constable

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