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Fri Feb 18 12:04:28 CET 2005

At 01:39 -0800 2005-02-12, Peter Constable wrote:

>In the Mongolian case, we cannot dictate that nobody should ever 
>have, say, a terminology database in which Mongolian terms used in 
>China are distinct from Mongolian terms for the same concepts used 
>in Mongolia. In other words, we may not know of any linguistic 
>difference between "mn-Mong-MN" and "mn-Mong-CN", but we absolutely 
>cannot assert that there can never be a need for someone to 
>distinguish language resources using "mn-Mong-MN" and "mn-Mong-CN".

So. You want to "pre-emptively" encode a distinction which may not occur, ever?
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