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John Cowan jcowan at
Tue Nov 2 16:12:18 CET 2004

Chris Lilley scripsit:

> Actually it would be good to clarify which of these applies for 3066 as
> well; it seems abundantly clear to me that a) applies but this has been
> disputed.


What kind of funny stuff are these disputers smoking?  RFC 3066 plainly says:

>    The syntax of this tag in ABNF [RFC 2234] is:
>     Language-Tag = Primary-subtag *( "-" Subtag )
>     Primary-subtag = 1*8ALPHA
>     Subtag = 1*8(ALPHA / DIGIT)
>    The productions ALPHA and DIGIT are imported from RFC 2234; they
>    denote respectively the characters A to Z in upper or lower case and
>    the digits from 0 to 9.  The character "-" is HYPHEN-MINUS (ABNF:
>    %x2D).

There aren't and can't be any non-ASCII characters in RFC 3066 language tags.
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